Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fred Bauder - Crestone lawyer is censured

Crestone lawyer is censured
The Pueblo Chieftain & Star Journal
July 15, 1997

DENVER -- Fred Bauder, a lawyer living in Crestone, was censured by the Colorado Supreme Court on Monday for allegedly making statements that would constitute soliciting two women for prostitution.

In 1994, Bauder had a client in a divorce case in Alamosa District Court and called the man's house in San Acacio, according to the court record.

His client wasn't home, so Bauder talked over the telephone with the man's wife, who didn't have a lawyer representing her in the divorce.

The wife later reported that the lawyer suggested he meet with her and his client's new girlfriend, who also was in the house, for a sexual rendezvous, the court said.

The wife testified that Bauder asked how much they would charge him for sex.

Bauder denied he had such a conversation or had solicited sex from the women.

A disciplinary hearing board found the women's testimony more credible and recommended Bauder receive a private censure.

The Supreme Court chose instead to censure the lawyer publicly. It also ordered Bauder to pay $2,158 in disciplinary hearing costs within 30 days.

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