Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wikipedia Attacks Attorney General...

Wikipedia Attacks Attorney General...
Submitted by JohnMaxfield on Sat, 02/24/2007 - 7:35am.

When General Grevious' Dog first began to nip at the heels of Wikipedia...or should I say Waldopedia...that was when I began to take notice. This was an issue that has been sliding under the radar for months, if not years. This is the systematic discrediting of Republican congressmen, senators, delegates, and basically anyone who could own a Wikipedia entry. The liberals have gone in and edited these legislators' posts to their cold hearts' content. Do Dems care about our childrens' education? Perhaps some do...but a majority who surf this online encyclopedia, do not. And joining the ranks of the latter is none other than the blog 750 Volts.

Do we need democrats to get on a site that promotes itself as a legitimate resource for factual information and have them twist meanings, words, and stances such as this--read here.

How, as bloggers, let alone ETHICAL bloggers, can we allow ourselves to ignore this obvious threat by the Left that is occurring on Wikipedia. As the Dog said, Wikipedia is an educational tool for children and educators. The left has taken this teaching tool and turned it into a political weapon. Do they have no shame?

They are quickly jumping to turn unbiased articles on Republican legislators into articles where their tirade of left wing agendas can be reported on as if they were "facts." So are we now going to have to monitor Wikipedia just to make sure the left does not misuse it?

And let's face it folks, any site that lists a rave about how great their site is, from The Almighty Knower of Things, cannot be trusted to initiate what it deems factual about a candidate that it so blatantly is opposed too.

Stay tuned for the Daily WhackJob's Wikipedia editing....

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