Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wikipedia Hoax: Comedian Sinbad Is Dead

Wikipedia Hoax: Comedian Sinbad Is Dead

The emails started coming in early this morning, headers blaring "Sinbad, the comedian, died today, heart attack." Attached was an excerpt from the freshly-revised Wikipedia entry on the 50-year-old entertainer, born David Adkins on November 10, 1956, which contained the sentence, "He succumbed to a fatal heart attack on the morning of March, 14, 2007."

It is a hoax. The revision history of the Wikipedia article shows that it was repeatedly vandalized, corrected, and vandalized again beginning on March 14 and continuing until it was closed to further editing 24 hours later. When last I checked, the entry was correct.

I have spoken with a representative at Sinbad's production company, David & Goliath Productions, who said that Sinbad is alive and well, and any rumor to the contrary is false.

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