Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wikipedia spoofer to join Karl Rove's department

Wikipedia spoofer to join Karl Rove's department

Cyberspace - (Rioters): The Karl Rove fiction factory has a bright new shining star in its firmament today after online fiction peddler Wikipedia had to fire a senior editor whose academic credentials have turned out to be cack.

The internet reference tool which touts itself as founded on the Twin Towers of trust and tolerance was systematically spoofed by college student Ryan Jordan, 24, whose fertile imagination and a destructive wit has reduced the site's status to risible proportions.

Lawyers have now advised the site to rebrand under the name TakingTheMickeyPedia after the 24 year old Kentucky student editing under the site name Essjay was outed as a fake theology professor with no credentials other than a warped ambition to meddle.

Jordan was fired when his deception came to light and hired almost immediately for the strength of his presentation skills by Karl Rove in the White House.

Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales has admitted Jordan's deception was such a sophisticated artform that it fooled even him.

"He even duped New Yorker magazine into interviewing him last year about his impressive academic qualifications," Wales sobbed as colleagues in the online information industry dubbed him the laughing stock of the trade.

All Jordan's time at Wikipedia was spent shaping Wikipedia entries to suit his own polemic. His fabrications became intrinsic to outbreaks of fierce site vandalism and accusations of historical revision akin to Stalinist gagging orders during the Cold War.

But clearly these are the very talents that are most appreciated by his new employers whose drafting of the final chapters of the Bush years in office are now ready for a renewed onslaught in the media.

(The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.)

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